Fuzz   HounD



          Starting life based around traditional fuzz circuitry, the Fuzz Hound is certainly not a typical fuzz box but rather has been tweaked and optimized for performance and versatility. 

          With full range fuzz and volume controls, the Fuzz Hound can take you from a subtle, clean and natural sounding boost (almost to the point of sounding fully bypassed) to  heavy, growling fuzz.  It will tear your head off and still have room to spare! The carburetor control has the added feature  of thinning out the sound when turned down, or adding fuzzy wet thickness when turned up.

              The Fuzz Hound is available for both guitar and bass separately.  With U.S. made NOS germanium NPN transistors, this pedal can safely be plugged into any 120V outlet with a 9V adapter. ($135.00) Orders can be placed via email in the 'contact' section.




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