Instrument Repair

Fixed Bias Adjustment: $40





Individual diagnosis* due to:

  • Noise
  • Low volume or no volume
  • No power
  • Intermittent problems
  • Other

Plate Resistor Replacement: $8/Resistor*

Setup: $45 + strings

Nut Replacement: $65 includes setup 

Saddle Replacement: $65 includes setup

Fret Level, Crown and Polish (Fret Dress): $95

Maintenance Packages: 

             An amplifier is an electronic device that experiences wear and tear and needs to be maintained in order to achieve maximum performance.  Maximum performance translates into maximum enjoyment, inspiration and confidence in that piece of gear. 

             These packages make it easier for musicians to keep their gear fully maintained and ultimately increase performance, lifespan and value.  

      PLEASE NOTE: Packages do not include the price of parts.

Amplifier Repair


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Package 1: $60

  • - Bias Adjustment
  • - Full cleaning of potentiometers, jacks, solder joints, contact points
  • - Repair Cold solder joints
  • - Re-tension tube sockets

​Package 2: Includes Package I plus $6/Capacitor or Resistor**

  • - Test and replace filter capacitors and power supply resistors  as necessary 

Package 3: Includes Package I plus $6/Capacitor or Resistor**

  •  - Replace all  filter capacitors  and resistors

Package 4: Includes Package I plus $6/Capacitor or Resistor**

  • - Replace electrolytic capacitors (including cathode bypass and bias caps) and plate/dropping resistors within various circuits of the amplifier
* Any service provided is bound to a $30 minimum bench fee

Re-Fret: $230










$10/ potentiometer

$10/ output jack

$10/ wire repair

$40/ cavity shielding

Estimate/ Grounding issues




Bridge Re-Glue: Estimate

Custom Pick guard Replacement: Estimate

* Any diagnosis or estimate that is given is bound to a $30 minimum bench fee